Wedding days can be chaotic, so my goal is to put you at ease as much as I can. I want this to be the video from your dreams and capture everything about the day. To ensure I can do so, I offer all my clients the additional hours option. If the day isn't following the timeline exactly, no worries! I totally understand and am more than happy to cooperate.

Throughout a full day of filming, I capture upwards of 300 videos. In addition to your finished wedding video, I will send you a reel with all of the shots/details from your big day. They are completley unedited and have the natural audio. 

Travel Costs

Traveling is my second passion. I love seeing new beautiful places. So if I can combine filming and traveling, I immediately take the opportunity. If you're in the area, or are going to be in the area, of any locations on my Destination Bucket List (can be found near the bottom of the Home page) there will be no additional travel costs! 

Within 3 hours of Gettysburg, PA ~ no extra travel costs



Everywhere else in the U.S. ~ $500 for any gas, flight, hotel, and/or rental car expenses (any additional difference over $500 will be covered by me)

This service includes 9 full hours of filming. All details, special moments, and timeline events (ceremony, dances, cake cutting, etc.) will be highlighted in the video. I promise to capture all the best shots of the day! Montage will be edited and put to music by me. Video length ranges 8 minutes minimum and 20 minutes maximum. EXAMPLES:

My first looks only option includes both father and bride first look and groom and bride first look. Video will be edited by me. The option of music or raw audio in the background is up to you. 3-5 minute video. EXAMPLES: 



This service includes estimated 4 full hours of filming. All details from your elopement will be included. Montage will be edited and put to music by me. 5-8 minute video. 


$800 individually  

$700 as add-on

This service includes estimated 2 hours of filming. This package includes film of proposal, followed by footage of you and your loved one soaking in the new chapter of your lives. Montage will be edited and put to music by me. 5-8 minute video. 

With this package comes many different options. I understand that you might not know when your'e getting proposed to. If that is the case, my best advice would be to give your future spouse my information and let them plan this service with me at ther discretion. On the other hand, if you're the one proposing and have no idea if this is the right option for you, I'm here to help! I offer this as an individual and add-on because handling this on your own can be daunting. If you simply want to capture your special moment, then further discuss videography options with your partner later, purchase as an individual package. If you already know you want me (I'd be HONORED) to film your wedding day, purchase as an add-on. Wether you want an individual video of your engagment or shots added into your final wedding film is up to you!


$600 individually

$500 as add-on

This service can be purchased as an individual video OR an add-on package! Includes estimated 2-4 hours of filming. As an individual video, I will take several couples shots at a spectacular location and create a montage that showcases your excitement to be married! This will be a 3-5 minute video. This is a great option if you want a special video of you and your spouse to show at your wedding. As an add-on, I will take beautiful couples shots at a separate time and location that can be added into your final wedding video. You can wear your wedding dress, or any outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Let's head to a breathtaking location and capture your love!



This service is one of my all time favorites. It's fun and makes a great momento for you and your honey to treasure all throughout your relationship. Put on your favorite outfits and let's climb some mountains or frollick through some flower fields!! Includes estimated 1-2 hours of filming. Montage will be edited and put to music by me. 3-5 minute video. EXAMPLES: 


- full day (9 hours) $1500

- first looks $700



Add Ons:


- additional hours

$100 per hour



- raw footage



-drone footage

coming soon


- vintage-style footage

coming soon 


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